How Much Did It Cost?: Detroit // Black History Month 2017

In this edition of "How Much Did It Cost?", I will breakdown the cost of my trip to Detroit, Michigan for Black History Month. I will breakdown the cost into 5 segments: Transportation, Lodging, Entertainment, Food, and Miscellaneous. All prices are in US Dollars.


  • Greyhound, Columbus to Detroit Round Trip: $24.20

  • Uber: $44.02



  • Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History: $8.00

  • Motown Museum: $15.00

FOOD: $29.01

  • Burger King: $5.49

  • Subway: $8.16

  • CVS: $3.56

  • Barnes & Noble at Wayne State University: $7.53

  • Pilot J Travel Plaza: $4.27


  • T-Shirt at Motown: $30.74


Now let's put the numbers into context. My original intention of visiting Detroit was to only visit the Wright Museum. I finished my time at the museum around 2:00 pm or so and realized I still had about 7 more hours in the Motor City and decided to see the Motown Museum. 

For Transportation, I got the Greyhound ticket at a great deal because they had a New Year's Day sale where you could get tickets at 40% off. I either walked or used Uber while in Detroit and I used it going to and from the bus station. My bus left at 4:40 am and I got back to Columbus at 1:50 am the next day.

During this trip, I was a little under the weather thanks to Ohio's bipolar weather. A good chunk of my food expenditures were spent on orange juice and Vitamin C drops. For now on, I'm going to start carrying Vitamin C drops for future trips just in case I need them. For food, I think I did pretty good keeping my expenses under $30.

At the Motown Museum, I purchased a souvenir shirt for $30.74. Normally, I would not buy anything from a gift shop because I take a lot of pictures and most souvenir gifts I've purchased in the past have just collected dust. 

Thanks for reading and always remember, WHEN THE GLASSES ARE ON, THERE'S SOME TRAVELING GOIN' ON!