CN Tower EdgeWalk - August 2015

What’s up guys! It's Madison Square Darden with a new blog post. Since I'm on vacation for the next 10 days, this week's post is a throwback to 4 years ago. I went to Toronto for the first time in August 2015 and I visited the world famous CN Tower. Since I am somewhat of a daredevil, I enhanced my experience and did the EdgeWalk. The EdgeWalk is a hands free walk on a 5 foot wide walkway encircling the Tower's main pod. It is 356 meters / 1168 feet above the ground and the views of The Six are breathtaking. Check out the photos as well as the video of my experience at the EdgeWalk.

Thanks for reading! Next week's will be another throwback post since I'll still be on vacation.

“Live for the experience”